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Special Spring Break Collection

Finally we have a much needed term break. Spring is always the best time of the year in the UAE and what more could one ask for than a good 2 weeks relief from the hectic routine.

So while you're planning to do all the amazing stuff here is our recommendation of what your should essentially be following during the Spring Break.

  1. Catch Up On Your Beauty Sleep: With the exams and all the hectic routine its now finally time to chill out for a while. Sleep till late or get a nap in the day. This will help you uplift your mood and also give your immune system get stronger. Your skin would also glow especially when you would sleep for at least 8 hours a day.
  2. Order from our Spring Break Collection: We have designed special products for this year's spring break and also added a few of our massive hits just so that you do not miss out on anything. Shop Now: https://www.bomb.ae/collections/spring-break-collection
  3. Make Plans with Friends: Yes! CHILL OUT and before you know this 2 week of fun would be gone. Start a new venture together maybe learn the guitars or go surfing or snorkeling together.
  4. Hit The Spa: Well they say getting a new hair cut can change a lot of things in your life. So better consider it for the right reason. Spring is the perfect time to get a hair cut because our hair growth tends to improve during this period and a little trim before the summers would be nice.
  5. Take Long Baths and Showers: Throw a bath bomb, light up a few candles, lay down in your bath tub and let the fizz and fragrances uplift your mood. The essential oils would help you get happy and relaxed.
  6. Eat More Greens: Maybe lets not eat junk for a change. Adding a few greens and having fresh juices and smoothies would make you feel healthy, lighter and of course much livelier. 
  7. Exfoliate: Grab one of our scrubs and exfoliate your skin. The winters would have made your skin a bit dry and while you are on a regime to improve your skin with the long baths and relaxation. Exfoliate your skin overall with our body scrubs.