Breast Cancer Awareness

October every year is commemorated in Countries across the world as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and all efforts are devoted to increasing attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease.

What is Breast Cancer Awareness?

Breast cancer awareness is a part of general body awareness. It is a process of getting to know your own breasts and becoming familiar with their appearance. Learning how your breasts feel at different times will help you to know what is normal for you.

You can become familiar with your breast tissue by looking and feeling – in any way that is best for you (e.g. in the bath, shower, when dressing).

Being breast aware and knowing what is normal for you will help you to be aware of any changes from normal, should these happen.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer include: 

  • A lump or swelling in the breast, upper chest or armpit
  • A change to the skin, such as puckering or dimpling
  • A change in the colour of the breast – the breast may look red or inflamed
  • A nipple change, for example it has become pulled in (inverted)
  • Rash or crusting around the nipple
  • Unusual liquid (discharge) from either nipple
  • Changes in size or shape of the breast

On its own, pain in your breasts is not usually a sign of breast cancer. But look out for pain in your breast or armpit that’s there all or almost all the time.

Although rare, men can ger breast cancer. The most common symptom of breast cancer in men is a lump in the chest area.

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See your GP if you notice a change

Most breast changes, including breast lumps, are not cancer. But the sooner breast cancer is found, the more successful treatment is likely to be.